Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Piracy and Entertainment: An Overture

For some time I have been gathering material for a series of articles on the economic status of the entertainment industry and the effects of piracy, which it uses to justify ludicrously extra-judicial powers in Western nations. As an overture, a couple of juicy bits of evidence that the entertainment industry is still ludicrously rich:

1. Those industries related to copyright materials (i.e. the entertainmen sector in total) beat the average performance during the recession, despite supposedly being both luxuries and under fire from copyright infringement.

2. The biggest winner of this year's executive pay competition was not an oil magnate. They were not a tech guru, or a shipping tycoon. They were the CEO of Viacom, one of the copyright corporations at the forefront of trying to break YouTube.

In later posts, I will be dealing with the music and film sectors individually (and possibly other sectors if I get up the necessary motivation).

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