Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Meta-post: somebody else's book on why you are wrong

Very quick shout-out to a book I haven't yet read, but tackles a subject close to my heart - why everybody is wrong, but why everybody believes they are right and that everybody else is wrong. Yes, I grasp the irony, I would like to make it clear that I know that I'm wrong all the time as well.

Reblogging the boingboing post on this, your attention is drawn to the following excerpt:

I can see right through that politician’s lies. People are such sheep. People are so stupid. People will believe anything. I prefer to lead, not follow.

Have you ever thought like this? Would it blow your mind to know everyone thinks this?

If everyone thinks they aren’t gullible and can’t be swayed by advertising, political rhetoric, or charismatic con artists, then someone must be deluding themselves. Sometimes it’s you.

Read all about it

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