Wednesday, 16 November 2011

PETA are prolific animal murderers

So one story has been making the rounds a lot recently - that PETA have used Mario (of Super Mario Brothers fame) as a publicity pawn, accusing him of being an evil animal killer on the basis of his use of the tanooki suit. To be honest, I don't really have a problem with this particular publicity campaign - it's a tongue-in-cheek way of raising the profile of the Chinese fur industry, which is clearly an awful thing and I entirely agree that it should be excised from the planet, even if their campaign is rather shrill and attention-seeking.

The point of this post is to point out a different fact - PETA is one of the leading animal euthanasia organisations. In 2009, they murdered 2,301 animals, and managed to get a whole 8 adopted. This was not a statistical fluke - over recent years, the trend to animal killings within PETA has been on the increase. If PETA were an animal palliative care organisation, there would be nothing wrong with this. But it is not. In fact, it funds violent direct action groups, and even attacks those who make it a policy not to put animals down. The reason for the latter? Some animals at "no-kill" shelters will have to be euthanised anyway due to overpopulation. Staggering. Consequently, this is the purest of all crimes - straightout hypocrisy.

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